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Adorable Havapoo sitting on the sofa, holding a toy

Loving overnight pet care
in the comfort of your home


Plus, Custom Services to make life easier

Serving towns within an hour of Haverhill, Ma.

When you are traveling and can't take them with you, there is nothing more important than peace of mind knowing
your furry family member is safe, happy and well taken care of in their familiar surroundings.



Some Happy

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At your convenience, let's schedule a time for me to come to your home to meet you and your pet(s).

We will discuss your pet’s needs, personality, habits, health plus your veterinary and emergency contact information, and service agreement.


Plus, a little play time for your pet to get to know me.

Overnight bookings are available
for locations within one hour of


Companionship Visits are available
for locations within 30 minutes of
Haverhill. Minimum 2 hours.

Disclaimer: I am unable to accept reactive, aggressive, large pulling dogs, or pets with bite history.


  • 3  walks/let outs. Morning, mid-day and bedtime

    Additional walk/let outs priced 
    to suit your pet's needs.


  • Constant care/live-in quote upon request.

  • Simple pill, liquid ointment administration 

  • Lots of snuggles, kisses, playtime
    and treats as allowed


  • Daily pictures/updates

  • Watering your plants

  • Bringing in your mail/newspapers


Rates are per calendar day. Starting at...

     $110. for first dog

    +$25. for puppy 

       $25. for each additional dog

       $15. for each additional cat

       $75. for first cat in cat only home

       $15. for each additional cat

       $30. an hour for additional day time
               companionship at home or
               social outings. 

       Daily add-ons

       $30.  extra drop in, walk/let out 30

         $5. Insulin shots

        $15. Subcutaneous Fluid




A 50% non-refundable/non transferable deposit is required at the time of overnight bookings to secure your dates as other requests must be declined.

Full payment for the balance is due 3 days before arrival.

Bookings with under 3 days notice require payment in full upon invoice receipt.

For an overnight with less than 14 days notice a flat rate of $50. per night cancellation fee is required.

For under 3 days notice 100% of the booking total is due. Life happens, emergencies will be addressed individually.

To best serve you and other clients' schedules, there are no refunds for early returns or last-minute changes to pet care.  

All other services are to be paid in full upon booking.


Services can be provided on the following holidays and will incur an additional $50. surcharge per night

December 24th - January 1st

Easter Sunday & Monday
Memorial Day Weekend

July 4th Weekend
Labor Day Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend

Most Monday holidays such as, MLK Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day

More Happy

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Premium and

Everyone has different needs.

From local hands-on services to researching pet-related resources, products,

 pet-friendly vacation planning and so much more... What can you use help with?


Let's get your pet to their groomer or vet appointment when you just don't have the time.


$25.* each way - Trip to the groomer within a 5 mile radius of your home.


Includes pick up/drop off, and pick up, dropping them safely home with their adogable new "do". 


$75.*  Vet appointment within a 5 mile radius of your home


Includes pick up to take to the vet, stay with them keeping them calm and distracted as necessary, bringing them safely home.


When scheduling, please include anticipated wait time.


Don't miss a dose if you have an upcoming schedule conflict.


$25.+*  Drop in to give a pill, liquid     
             meds or ointment and visit 

$35.+*  Insulin shot and visit time 
$45.+*  Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy
             and visit

* All listed rates are within 10 mile radius of Haverhill. Further locations upon request $.55 a mile.

Based on availability, last minute inquiries may incur an extra fee.


Would your pet benefit from loving

companionship in the comfort of your home when you have a long day or shift?


Some pets require, and deserve some extra attention and cuddles.


Plus, when you know you're going to have a long busy day, or plans you're looking forward to, a little company for all pets will make you both feel better!


$35* per hour - 2 hour minimum visit includes lots of love, snuggles, and play if appropriate.


When family and friends are visiting with their pet(s) for special occasions or even on business, there are times and places pets aren't allowed.

In-room care (and optional outings) are available at hotels, an Airbnb or VRBO location within 30 minutes of Haverhill.

$35. an hour minimum 2 hours

Up to 2 pets.

$10. for additional pets.




     When you don't have the time, or

      know where to begin...

  • Thorough research for pet-related resources for services and products tailored to your location and available online to health related issues.

  • Personal Shopper - Sourcing unique and premium pet products, gifts and accessories for discerning pet parents.

  • Assisting pet owners in planning pet-friendly vacations, providing
    appropriate options for accommodations and activities.


  • Custom requests upon request

          Starting at $35. per hour


Andi took care of our dog, Stella, and our 4 cats while we were away for a week. She stayed in our home. I cannot say enough about the quality of the care, and the loving way that Andi has with our pets. Our dog went to a dog park for the first time because of Andi, and loved it! I recommend her for any type of pet sitting that you may need, she is just great. And our house was perfect when we came home, which was also great after vacation.

Roberta Connolly

5 gold stars on testimonial

Andi had the skills to find my eighteen year-old cat and give her subcutaneous fluids while we were away. Really appreciated Andi’s dedication and kind presence for a reluctant patient.

Lisa Doucett

5 gold stars for testimonial

Andi was incredibly loving with my dog Harlow. He can be difficult and doesn’t always like people, but he instantly took to Andi. She was fabulous about providing me with updates and pictures all throughout my 2 weeks away. I hate leaving my pup, but he was in excellent hands with Andi! Would fully recommend her to anyone!

Casey Evans 

5 gold star testimonial

I can't say enought about Andi. She was

completely trustworthy and kind, staying in our home with our dog. Highly recommend!

Pat Rubenstein

5 gold star testimonial
5 gold star testimonial

We were worried about going away so soon after the loss of our other dog, but Andi gave Louie the attention and love he needed. She took extra special care making sure his needs were met. She truly went above and beyond and for that we are incredibly grateful. We can’t wait to go away again knowing that our pup will be in great hands.

Alex Munoz

Andi's dedication to th well-being of our pets was

evident from the moment we met her. She took

the time to understand their individual needs and

routines, ensuring they felt comfortable and loved

in our abscence. Throughout our time away, Andi

kept us updated with regular messages and photos, giving us peace of mind knowing that our

pets were in good hands.

Sheila Spalding

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

Andi sat for my cat for a weekend. She has a way with animals. My cat responded to her immediately. Will use her again

Jancie Esile

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

Andi is by far our first choice when it comes to a dog sitter. She has stayed at our home with Rudy, our yellow lab, on several occasions, the last being a week's long stay. During this time, she kept our home neat and tidy, stayed in communication with us, and sent many sweet photos of our boy! Andi has the ability to eliminate the stress of leaving your home and pet behind. She is trustworthy, takes our dog for nice walks, and Rudy loves her.

Patty Wegmann

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

We are those obsessed pet owners who no longer have children at home. We can confidently recommend Andi to anyone looking for pet care. Andi is professional, conscientious, and a great communicator. Seamus had a blast with Andi.

Stephanie Leeper

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

Andi is such a great pet sitter. As soon as she comes through the door our beloved mini labradoodle bursts in happiness. We hire Andi when we go out of town and she keeps us posted frequently on how our dog is doing, and often takes him on fun walks and occasionally on doggie play dates with our consent. We love having Andi over to take care of Bourbon.

Carlos Robledo

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

​Andi was so great and easy to work with! She came over prior to her scheduled sitting to ensure that our dog felt comfortable with her. While watching Harley she kept in communication, walked her, and shared pictures as well. Would highly recommend Andi for all your pet needs!

Alyssa Finn

We had an amazing experience with Andi. She is so kind and treated our cat, Mishy with such love and excellent care. Andi was good in sending us updates and pictures everyday. We couldn’t be happier with her service and would definitely recommend Andi to any pet owner.
Many thanks- Himashinie & Ralph

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

Andi pet sat my dog for two nights. She kept in touch with me with photos when she was with him. I felt

comfortable with her in my home and my dog seemed to enjoy her company. I recommend Andi for your pet

sitting. I hope to have her back for further visits.

Jayne M

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png

My husband and I had to be away for a couple of days and came home to a happy, tired pup, mail, and watered plants. Thank You Andi for going above and beyond for us, as well as the peace of mind!

Jane Cate

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.54.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 10.46.29 AM.png

Fun Events 

Doggie Events & Outings that give back

In honor and memory of my delightful little social Moxie



Group play dates with your dog, outings & events at dog-friendly venues, 

"Moxie's Monthly Meet & Mingle" to celebrate birthdays in that month, and more.

Sign up to learn about new and upcoming events!

See you soon!!

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 10.46.29 AM.png

A Little
About Me

With a personalized touch and genuine passion for animals, I provide worry-free experiences for both you and your beloved pets in the comfort of their home. As a devoted pet parent myself, I go the extra mile to ensure your pets receive the utmost love and attention, treating them as if they were my own

I’m the person who has to stop and say hello to every dog I come across wherever I am, and happiest being around dogs and cats, especially when they are willing to cuddle!


Sensitive to the different needs and personalities of each animal, during our time together I give them their best staycation focusing on their individuality and what makes them happiest.

In addition to my professional experiences, until August 31st 2022,

I had the absolute joy and honor to have raised, loved, and cared for my delightful Havapoo Moxie (17 yrs 3 months and a day) and his pretty feline sister Precious (21 yrs).

Let's discuss your upcoming needs and how I may help with reliable, responsible, loving care.

Incorporating my design background and experience, I am currently working on several passion projects to benefit humans and animals.

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 10.46.29 AM.png


Thank you for submitting!


Serving towns within an hour of Haverhill.
Please inquire about additional locations.

Fully insured

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